Throughout my life, I’ve cared for many different types of animals like monkeys, lions, tigers, ocelots, orangutans, gila monsters, alligators and many other animals and reptiles that are no longer available to the general public.  All of these animals are considered to be exotic because of their special requirements for care and safety.

There are many exotic animals that are more simple to care for like hedgehogs, prairie dogs, sugargliders, short tail opossums, Siberian chipmunks, degus, and spiney mice. All oft hese animals have special needs that you as their new owner need to be aware of and attentive to, in order to ensure their health and safety. When you take home one of our pets, we provide animal care information as well as a  emergency phone number so you can always reach us for important questions.

We have our Class B USDA license for exotic animals which allows to take the animals to schools and other public venues for educational purposes.  We accept exotic animals from individuals who are no longer able to care for them. We can acquire new animals from reputable sources that are also licensed.

We keep records of every animal that comes to our care and the homes that they are placed into. We are recognized by the USDA and King County Department of Public Health as a reputable, licensed facility for acquiring and selling animals and we adhere to their strict annual inspection schedules.  We hope you support properly licensed facilities like ours who meet required policies and procedures that ensure the safety of all animals.

Ready for new homes!

Prairie Dogs, Short tailed opossum, degus and sugargliders

Mosaic sugarglider-2 Dandelions first day blue degus