Purebred Facts


Are you looking for a Purebred or Designer Puppy or Kitty? Don’t be fooled, any pet store selling purebred or designer mix puppies or kitties is getting them through puppy mills and kitty mills.

Not only will you be condoning this practice, you will be playing Russian Roulette with genetic faults. Just because a dog or cat is a mixed breed does not mean it is healthier. Only the process of “natural selection” assures that. Puppy and kitty mills are aiming for what looks cute so that they can get more money for the animal.

You’ll also end up paying more from a pet store than you would buying a pet raised from a reputable breeder. Reputable dog and cat breeders will never sell their animals in a pet store. Click here for more information on what defines a reputable breeder.

Every time one purebred mill puppy or kitten is sold it condemns another litter to be born to a miserable life. When puppy or kitty mills are done with an animal for breeding they will euthanize it or dump it on the streets or in a overwhelmed shelter for disposal. There’s no love there, it’s all profit and loss.

Visit AKC.org for dogs or CFA.org for cats and contact the breed club for the area for a reputable breeder.