Class Information

7:00 pm class: Puppy and adult Skills/STAR

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Your dog learns manners and obedience skills plus problem solving and prevention and more. The AKC STAR program is included in the Puppy Skills curriculum. The STAR program is similar to the AKC Canine Good Citizen program, but designed for puppies under 1 year of age. NOTE: To qualify for the AKC STAR, you must provide proof of vaccinations and relationship with non-shelter veterinarian (shot records or receipt), a written or verbal exercise plan and you must attend all six weeks of classes.

Curriculum includes: Come, Sit, Let’s Go (walk on loose leash), Leave It, Down, Stay, housetraining and bite inhibition plus other problem prevention, solutions, play time, AKC STAR Evaluation and much, much more!

Book and clickers are distributed at the first class which is orientation. Dogs are encouraged to attend the orientation. You may want to bring a quiet, non-disruptive project, such as coloring or video game, for young children to do the first night.