Grooming Services

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Full Body Grooming Services for dogs and cats

By appointment on Thursdays and Saturdays.

At Animal Talk, we offer professional grooming services for your dog or cat.
Our professional groomer Mindy has been grooming here since the day we opened. She does not use nooses, muzzles, drugs or other mechanical restraints. Her FIRST concern is for your pet’s comfort.
She uses Earthbath Hypoallergenic Shampoo® unless otherwise requested. Pets arrive at 10:30 and are usually ready to go by 2:00pm, although if you have errands to run, they are welcome to stay until 6:30pm.

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Toenails and Wings

Call ahead any day to make sure there is staff available! We get them in and done in only a few minutes, reducing their anxiety and yours

Toenail and wing prices

Small dogs-5.00
Medium dogs-7.00
Large dogs-9.00
Nail grinding for dogs 10.00
Guinea pigs-4.00
Hedgies and Degus-5.00
Small Animal-3.00
Birds, Parakeet or smaller-4.00
Cockatiel or Lovebird size-5.00
Small Conure size-6.00
Large Conure size-8.00