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I am VERY excited about this!
  • Family Owned for 5 generations!
  • All US Sourced QUALITY Ingredients!
  • NO By-Products!
  • Grain Free Products available.
  • Excellent Nutrient Levels! So much so, I would like to switch all of our rescue cats to it!

I believe Family owned and run companies have more integrity! I will be testing these foods on my own animals. As I believe the quality of a food for pets is seen in the health, skin, coat and poop! I’ll give you a poop report soon and a report on over all health in 8 weeks but by the research I have done already I have absolutely NO Doubt that this product line will pass with flying colors!





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Consumer Care team at 1-800-833-5330. We have carried this food almost since we opened 25 years ago. It is preserved with vitamin E, has excellent protein sources, no “meat” by products and we have been using it for our rescue cats and dogs for 10 years now. . A solid American company and a solid choice of a food for your pet.


They have the best canned cat foods! Traditionally canned cat foods smell worse coming out then when the went in. Wellness canned cat food is the only food we will give to our rescue cats before surgery. We also have found that any rescue pug we take in always has skin issues (4 of them) Wellness dry foods have turned all of them around in just 2 short weeks.  It’s a very natural food, no “meat” by-products and a solid American Company.


We just brought in the line by Wellpet called Holistic Select, and even the PICKIEST cat “Snyder” Loves it!

Royal Canin

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How do I decide what foods we are going to carry? After a 4 week trial on the food I evaluate these things.

  1. Skin and coat condition, although a 3 month trial is better for this.
  2. Weight loss or gain.
  3. Attitude. Yes food effects the attitude of an animal. That’s why dog trainers want you on a good food.
  4. The size, shape and smell of the poop.
  5. The number of poops. Yep, I count them! Dogs on a good diet will generally poop only once a day and cats may even just poop every other day.
  6. Last but by far not the least, the ingredients. Here’s the tricky part in the Dog and Cat food wars. Every company has away of trying to tell you that certain ingredients are bad BUT when you pay for a premium food you are getting premium ingredients. Here’s a list of some of the finer points of the food wars.
  • “By-products are bad” Yes “MEAT” by-products are very bad. The term MEAT refers to “they don’t know what kinda of animal meat it is” because it’s coming from a rendering plant. A rendering plant is where all dead farm animals and shelter bodies go. This is meat NOT FIT for human consumption. BUT identifiable by-products like chicken, poultry beef, etc,are really the parts of the animal we don’t eat but they do. These are also great sources of nutrition like Glucosamine , Taurine that otherwise would be added synthetically.
  • Corn, Soy and Wheat are bad and cause allergies and are used as filler. Well that’s a really long discussion. My point on this one is, remember that dogs and cats in the wild would eat the WHOLE animal. Stomach contents and all. They will even eat the droppings of other animals. The reason for this is because all of their prey has predigested stuff in their tummies. This makes it really easy for dogs and cats to get the nutrition from it. Good dog and cat food companies grind and prepare these ingredients for easy digestion for your pet. Cheap companies use it as filler. Allergies most commonly come from an over exposure to ingredients, the best way to figure something like this out is to put an animal on a limited ingredient food, then work in other ingredients over a period of weeks to months. This is really something you should talk to your vet about before “self medicating” your pet. I have a cat that everyone was sure had a food allergy, turned out it was dust mites.
  • Raw food is better- Really? with all of the cases of salmonella and food poisonings that you hear about? If my dogs and cats were out hunting their own food I probably would not let them in my house or sleep in my bed. But they would be getting great nutrition because they would be getting the whole animal and not just the parts we decide to give them. If you want to do raw food make sure that it is not a homemade one and that it truly has all of nutrients needed. If you are doing it from a recipe (from a veterinarian) FOLLOW the recipe EXACTLY. Don’t alter any ingredient or measurement or your pet will pay for it in the end.
  • High protein is better- ONLY if it’s usable or used protein. If it’s not, you will see your pet develop a lot of hotspots. Oh what do I mean about “used” protein. Cats use a lot of protein, they are carnivores. Dogs are more omnivores. Protein helps build muscle tissue and is very important for active dogs. The lazy layabouts though, not so much.
  • A high quality dog or cat food will keep your pet healthier, you’ll have fewer vet visits, fewer grooming problems, fewer behavioral problems, less to clean up, less cat box smell and a happier pet. I totally agree with this!

We only carry foods we would feed to our own pets. I haven’t listed all of them here yet.

P.S. If your vet has told you to use a prescription food, use it until you talk to your vet about an alternative. Prescription foods are designed for specific health problems and should only be used when PRESCRIBED by the vet. They may lack the nutrition needed for a healthy pet.