Missy's Rescue has recently taken in 25 Chorkies (chihuahua x Yorkshire Terrier) from a hoarding situation, and we are in need of foster homes ASAP. None are fixed, but none are pregnant. All dogs are very healthy and surprisingly well-socialized. They were surrendered late Sunday night and have been groomed, vaccinated, and evaluated by our local vet. Please call Missy at 206-356-8245 if you are interested.

Animal Talk The Pet Shop

Animal Talk is a full-line pet store that has been providing pet supplies for cats, dogs, birds, fish, small animals and reptiles for over 25 years. In addition to our huge selection of pet supplies, we have many rescue pets waiting for new homes. Family owned with a huge heart and boundless knowledge, we are also a fantastic resource for animal behavior. Come on in with all of your questions!

Animal Talk and Missy's Rescue needs your help!

During our recent move, the shop was closed, thanks to our foster homes and volunteers, the shelter remained fully operational. But because the shop - the main source of funding to the rescue - was closed, moving costs, feeding and housing costs and medical treatments for surrendered animals have us running dangerously low on resources.

We have relaunched our Indigogo campaign please visit the link below to see details and how you can contribute. Any assistance, no matter what form, is greatly appreciated.

 Help us to Keep Helping Them!